How is Learning to Drum like Innovating on the Job?


LEARNING TO DRUM IS SIMILAR TO INNOVATING ON THE JOB! There are many challenges to overcome, but remain positive, find a supportive environment, practice diligently, be patient, and persevere. Above all be ready to let failure be your guide.

  1. We learn to play on the beat by playing off the beat – failure precedes success (And lots of failure precedes lots of success…hopefully.)
  2. Playfulness is essential to success (Relax and have fun, damn it!)
  3. Frustration comes with the territory (i.e. Grooving with others can be challenging!)
  4. Improvement is step by step (i.e. Beat by beat)
  5. Perseverance furthers (Build them calluses!)
  6. Coaching and feedback are essential (Remember to breathe, relax your shoulders.)
  7. We learn most quickly in a supportive environment (I like your energy, now let’s work on steadiness.)
  8. We need to “let go” (Just as in playing the Saidi rhythm on the dumbek!)

(material adapted from Idea Champions)

Now lets check out some inspirational drumming:

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